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    Ludibrium Maze PQ Empty Ludibrium Maze PQ

    Post by Noah_3 on Sat May 09, 2015 4:47 am

    Ludi Maze PQ

    How to enter:
    Talk to the npc on top of the watch tower.
    How to clear:
    This PQ is slightly different than others.
    it has 1stage and it's like this:
    there are 3portals.
    you are dropped in Room 1.

    Left Portal takes you to +4 rooms
    Middle portal takes you to +7 rooms
    Right portal takes you to -3 rooms.

    So if we are in room 1

    going left = room 5
    going middle = room 8
    going right = ?

    we got 15 rooms and the last(16) is clearing room.

    so going right = 13

    from 13

    going left = 2
    going middle = 5
    going right = 10

    Hit boxes to spawn monsters and kill them to get coupons. You can clear the stage anytime you want by going to room 16
    through room 9
    you go to room 15
    go 2x right and 1 middle = reached 16

    The point if the PQ is, if you will get 1 coupon you will probably wont get any exp
    if you get more coupons you will get more exp.

    Have Fun.

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