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    Kerning PQ Empty Kerning PQ

    Post by Noah_3 on Sat May 09, 2015 4:26 am

    How to do Kerning Party Quest?

    How to Enter?
    Go to kerning city, talk to Cloto.
    you need to be in a party of 3 levels 1-200 
    First Stage:
    Talk to the NPC on to right of the map.
    It Will tell you how many coupons you need to hunt.
    (Coupons are dropped from Ligators in the map)

    Options for the questions:
    Level required for becoming a magician = 8
    STR required for warrior = 35
    DEX required for Bowman = 25
    DEX required for Thief = 25

    Second Stage:
    You have 3 Ropes, 
    There is only 1 right answer.
    every person grabs a rope
    and move clockwise if it's wrong.
    Third Stage:
    Like stage 2, this time more options since you have 5 platforms instead of 4.
    Fourth Stage:
    Same as stage 2 and 3 this time 6 platforms.
    Last Stage:
    You need to gather 10Passes, Kill 3 Curse Eyes, 6Jr.Neckis, and 1 King Slime. Give all passes to leader to clear the stage.

    Green Mushroom and Horny Mushroom Spawn in the map.

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