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    ™ Entertainment Festival Events [will take place at 8/5/2015]


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    ™ Entertainment Festival Events [will take place at 8/5/2015] Empty ™ Entertainment Festival Events [will take place at 8/5/2015]

    Post by ArchMerchandise on Thu May 07, 2015 8:09 am

    cheers Entertainment Festival Events cheers

    So what is the Entertainment Festival? 
    In the 8/5/2015 at 11AM IDT (Server Time) we will start a festival of tons of events that will last 1~2 hours! The Festival will include:

    alienHide & Seek Events (Find The GM at the whole world of ArchMS by traveling at Fredrick in FM, The GM will give HINTS in notice and the 1st & 2nd place will be rewarded)

    alienQuiz Events (The GM will ask questions about ArchMS mostly but about anything else too! , you should get some information from our forums & website in order to get ready! Only 1st place will be rewarded at Quiz Events!)

    alienRussian Rollete Events (The GM will take the players to a place when they should choose a side - Left/Right, After a few sessions of side choosings the player who will last and who will stay alone will win the Event and will be rewarded! only 1st place will be rewarded at Russian Rollete Events!)

    alienNTI Events (Name The Item is an Event when the GM drops an item and you should guess the full exact name of this item! The player who guess the item correctly will get the item! Only 1st place will be rewarded at NTI Events!)

    alienAll Rates x2 for 10 minutes (Tommorow after we will finish all the FUN Events, the Rates of ArchMS will turn into: EXP: 16x , Meso: 8x , Drop 4x for 10 minutes - not even a second more! So try to Enjoy it as much as you can! Believe us - a 4x Drop Rate can make alot of difference while ArchMS drops are very unique and you can get alot of Amazing stuff from just killing mobs!)

    CYA at 8/5/2015 - Friday - 11:00 AM IDT (Server Time~)  afro

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