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    Sure I'll come back I guess


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    Sure I'll come back I guess Empty Sure I'll come back I guess

    Post by Dedenne on Wed Aug 05, 2015 10:15 pm


    I doubt anyone remembers me but I played sometime during May as the IGN: Agnes. 

    Being bored I decided to check the forums again and to my surprise this server is up again. I left this server because this server didn't meet my nostalgic means, particularly the source as I was the one who found alot of game breaking (mostly funny) glitches. I do enjoy finding glitches as I can report them and feel as if I'm contributing to making the server better however there were just too many things that made my experience not as optimal. 

    The thing I enjoyed though was the amount of people who did play when I first joined. 

    Since the server has come back and has advertised having a new source I guess I can give ArchMS another shot. But you're not off the hook, you advertise perfect source and I'm going to still be hunting for glitches Wink

    So I'm back. Eventually. I need to study for my exams but after that I guess I'll be in game, atleast forum active. (I dont really have much else to do)

    But a few questions I have. 
    1. I noticed that there's no more vote for nx option, which I believe was because of the person who vote abused the system before. Although I like the new system for nx I can't help but wonder how will you get players to vote for your server. If you were to reimplement vote for nx might I suggest making it account linked? Putting a cool down per account rather than by IP. 

    2. Is the server wiped or as it was back in may? 

    3. Are you ever going to remove some of the less relevant global announcements and make them just regular threads? (for example lots of the announcements from may are irrelevant now. They take up alot of room and hide the more recent threads by other people.)

    4. Do you guys take suggestions, if so might I suggest a suggestions section on your forums so that it is easier to make those suggestions?

    5. Does anyone remember me? LOL. its okay if you don't, I don't really talk that much.

    I hope to see people in game, when I get on that is. ^^

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