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    Arch Points Shop [Updated 3/8/2015]  Empty Arch Points Shop [Updated 3/8/2015]

    Post by Or on Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:15 am

    ArchMS Points System
    As for now, in order to help our Community to grow and be a one big family, we offer a special Forum System called: "Arch Points"
    Those are Points that you get by your activity in our forums! As you can see, every Forum Account can see his "Arch Points" amount in his Forum Account info (watch picture bellow)
    Arch Points Shop [Updated 3/8/2015]  554053bce5e9b

    You can Raise your Arch Points with a few specific simple actions:

    +3 Arch Points per subject (Posting a Thread)
    +1 Arch Points per message (Every simple comment you leave you get 1 Point)
    +10 Arch Points BONUS once every 50 messages (subjects or regular messages anything counts!)
    +9 Arch Points per 2$ you Donate to our Server Maintenance 
    (We need your donations in order to pay the bill of: 
    A Domain, A VPS Host, Website Designers & Coders, Java Coders & Programmers)

    ArchMS Points Shop List:
    • 10% Scroll of your choice ~ 21 Arch Points
    • 60% Scroll of your choice ~ 27 Arch Points
    • 30% Scroll of your choice ~ 37 Arch Points
    • 70% Scroll of you choice ~ 31 Arch Points
    • Chaos Scroll ~ 76 Arch Points
    • White Scroll ~ 76 Arch Points
    • Average Zakum Helmet ~ 196 Arch Points
    • Average Horntail Necklace ~ 156 Arch Points
    • EXP Rate x1.5 than usual for 30 Minutes ~ 59 Arch Points
    VIP Name at our Forums ~ 86 Arch Points

    * You Can Buy an Item from the ArchMS Points Shop by sending a private message to ArchMerchandise in here!
    For Example: If you just reached 76 Arch Points and you want to get 1X Chaos Scroll, you are sending a Forum Private Message to the Main Account of ArchMS Points Shop called " ArchMerchandise " 
    Message should be like that:

    Item From The List:

    You will gain the item and lose your Arch Points within maximum of 6 hours! (You won't have to get your Character Offline! The Item will appear in your Inventory without any issues!)

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