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    Global Guide! *UPDATED OFTEN!*


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    Global Guide! *UPDATED OFTEN!* Empty Global Guide! *UPDATED OFTEN!*

    Post by Blank on Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:58 pm

    Hello players!
    Welcome to this training guide made by me. This guide will help you with multiple things on the server, such as leveling, how to farm Maple items, and many more! So, let's get started on this guide!

    Level 0 ~ 10
    This is pretty self-explanatory. Training at Maple Island is pretty basic, if you're a Mapler. Just train here until you're level 10 then go to Victoria Island. Make sure you finish some good quests such as Lucas's Cute Daughter and Pio And The Recycling. In both quests, you get good items such as a chair, and a random work glove, normal or colored.

    Level 10 ~ 20
    You can do questing, which might not be fun at all. I'd recommend just doing the job quests, and you should reach level 18 ~ 20 at the end. If you have King Slime in your map, I'd recommend killing it because you'll get a decent amount of exp, which might cause you to level up. Make sure to do those quests, because you'll get some pots for your troubles. If you don't want to quest, you can always go to HHGG (Henesys Hunting Ground). Both ways are nice. The last place to train, is Slime Tree. This place is amazing. The spawn is just, incredible! I'd highly recommend going there, you won't regret it.

    Level 20 ~ 30
    Ah yes. These levels. The levels of old struggle back in my days. Anyways, back to the topic. At level 20, you open opportunities for much more questing. You can do the Ant Tunnel quests, where you hunt 99 mobs. This is highly recommended. You get TONS of EXP, and a good amount of pots. Training at Ant Tunnel is probably the best until lvl30. If you don't want to train at Ant Tunnel, you can always train at Wild Boars. Wild Boars drop a lot of Maple items, so you better take advantage of it. Just go to the second Wild Boar map, since there's no Jr. Boogies. If you want to get there, use this video (Click Me). If you want to go the fastest way, then go get a leach at LPQ. That PQ is amazing at this level. Each stage gives about 20k ~ 40k EXP. Since it's bugged, you can't go all the way, but hey, it's pretty darn worth it!

    Level 30 ~ 40
    Congrats on getting your 2nd job! Now then, back to grinding! The best place to grind, is Brown Teddies at Ludibrium. Nice place, nice mobs, nice EXP. There's not much possibilities to train at, so better train there. At level 35, go to Chronos. Good drops there, and EXP. If you don't want to train there, LPQ is your choice. Still good EXP, but takes quite a while.


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    Global Guide! *UPDATED OFTEN!* Empty Re: Global Guide! *UPDATED OFTEN!*

    Post by Noah_3 on Thu May 07, 2015 3:00 am

    Nice Guide.

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