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    Suggestion for the Point shop


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    Suggestion for the Point shop Empty Suggestion for the Point shop

    Post by ThatOneGuy on Sun May 17, 2015 8:37 am

    This suggestion is b/c how long it takes to get AP resets

    I would find It amazing if in the point shop you would sell an "ap reset(A)." Not the ones for cash shop, but a whole wipe of your ap to spend back. There will be two people that really benefit from this. First this will help anyone that wishes not go str/dex-less in the beginning and lets them, after getting some support equips (good scrolled overalls, ZH, HTP, event items), redo their build and get that 50 additional AP back into their main stats.
    Second this will help anyone trying to wash. While they do save hundreds of ap resets(nx) doing this (Ex:keeping 300 int until level 120) , the only way to wash mp>hp will still be from AP resets(nx) requiring an additional 200+ Ap resets from the shop to be bought to fully wash the example before.

    People that do not plan enough, and people that plan too much get hit with some point Cost so forum up

    Suggestion on Price: (lvl^1.1)rounded down + 20 points
    level 50:    93
    level 70:   127
    level 100: 178
    level 120: 203
    level 150: 267
    level 200: 359

    Anyone like this Idea? Maybe hate it? Leave any idea or suggestions

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